TYRI BLU-112-1 0606 LED 750 eLumen, 12V, Wide Symmetric (Flood)


Sale price$100.00


The 0606 LED Pod light packs plenty of power and can go anywhere. It is suitable for small spaces and use on off-road trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, marine and even heavy-duty work trucks. Measuring 60mm, the 0606 can be mounted virtually anywhere you need light. This light is the answer to many lighting needs as it is offered in spot, flood, and diffused light patterns, making it one of TYRI's most versatile products. Whether you need perimeter lighting, work lighting, or you want supercharged rock lights, the 0606 can do it all. This light has all the toughness and  quality you expect from TYRI in a compact package. 

Product Data Sheet

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