TYRI-ED-102-1 Model 1014 Halogen Flood 12V-55W


Sale price$31.00


This rectangular shaped work light can be used in a number of applications to provide usable light on surface or underground machines. The vibration dampened housing option can extend the life of the bulb and coupled with the corrosion resistant coating ensures this light withstands the harshest of environments. The 1014 Halogen is available with the additional option of a side mount, allowing this work light to be installed in a multitude of locations.
  • Model 1014
  • 12V/55W (Flood)
  • 140mm x 100mm
  • Lens Material: Glass
  • Housing: PA6
  • Connectors: Compression seal w/pigtail harness
Lead time for all TYRI products is 1-2 weeks

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