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This part is obsolete and not available for purchase.

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36 diodes   5 year waranty  Hard Wired   Volt Protection

  • The P4178 is a Reitnouer 4 inch Red LED Stop,Turn & Tail light manufactured by Peterson.
  • This LED Stop,Turn & Tail light mounts with a flange housing that is welded to the light.
  • The P4178 is the “old” style of this brake light and comes with a Packard plug at the end of the wires.
  • The P4178-AMP is the “new” style, as of 2012, which comes with an amp plug.
  • Sold Individually.
  • For case quantity order 50.
  • 9-16 volt operating range.
  • Reverse voltage protection prevents damage if mis-installed.
  • “Skirted” weld joint provides added protection against road and weather conditions.
  • Has flange welded to light, forming a single unit.
  • Does not require “Top” positioning to meet FMVSS 108 standards.
  • Comes with a built-in 3-wire Packard plug.

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Weight 0.49 lbs


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Reitnouer (PM) 4178 Stop Turn & Tail W/Packard Plug

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