417-5 LED Economy Stop, Turn, Tail, and Back-up Light

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50-diodes   3 year waranty   Hard Wired 
Click Here to watch the "How to assemble the Peterson 417-5 LED Stop, Turn, Tail, & Back-Up Light". THIS PRODUCT IS MADE OF 4 PETERSON PRODUCTS: They are simply: 417-3 - housing M417R-5 - brake light M417TA-5 - turn signal light M417C-5 - back-up light   The 417-5 is a hard-wired, 8-diode stop, turn, tail, and backup light in a sturdy surface mount bracket. The 417-5 is an impressive and affordable LED stop, turn, tail, and back-up lights!! The 417-3 housing fits any 4inch round LED light and could therefore be paired with any set of the red, amber, and clear 4 inch round LED lights. However, the 417-5 series LED lights are the most affordable 4 inch round series Peterson offers. They are also the only series that has the same number of diodes in the red, amber, and clear options. Also, each LED light is individually replaceable. If one breaks or malfunctions you only replace that one light.

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