Grease Coupler by LockNLube

LockNLubeSKU: LNL-1

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The LockNLube® grease gun coupler is a robust long-lived lubrication tool with low lifetime costs. It is not a disposable throwaway. The LockNLube coupler has a unique sliding sleeve, activated by a thumb lever. The sleeve either locks the four spring-steel jaws onto the Zerk fitting or releases the jaws from the Zerk. When the jaws are locked onto the Zerk a leak-proof seal is created. No hands are needed to align or hold the coupler in place while greasing. The locked connection is positive and rigid preventing the coupler from coming loose and breaking the leak-proof seal. If a fitting becomes pressurized, especially a recessed one, just depress the thumb lever and release the coupler. Stuck-on couplers are a thing of the past. Because it does not leak, the grease goes in, not on the machine and the bearings get the grease they so desperately need. With replaceable seal and jaws, the LockNLube grease coupler achieves multi-year service life. A spare Seal Kit (extra seal + 4 hardened steel jaws) is included with each coupler.

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