Great White ® 850HC-1 Horizontal, 12" Leads Rectangular Back-Up Light

Sale price$67.00


  • Available individually. No minimum order required.
  • A master carton of this product includes 10 Pcs. You must order 10 pieces to receive a master carton.
  • 20-diode, rectangular back-up light with Peterson's extra-bright Great White diodes.
  • Meets DOT & ECE/ADR requirements when mounted as specified below.
  • Completely sealed, waterproof lens and housing.
  • Multi-volt design compatible with both 12 and 24 volt systems.
  • 12" or 6.5-foot hardwired stripped leads.
  • 850C-1P has hardwired PL3 plug.
  • Also fits surface mount brackets.
  • Item contains little or no individual packaging
  • Part of the Peterson 850C series.

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