Great White ® M291C-BT236 Clear License Lamp w-36" Leads LED License Light

Peterson ManufacturingSKU: M291C-BT236

Sale price$16.66


  • Available individually. No minimum order required.
  • A master carton of this product includes 100 Pcs. You must order 100 pieces to receive a master carton.
  • Compact single diode design fits 3/4" hole.
  • A single light meets DOT requirements when mounted properly above or on side of the license plate.
  • Features theft deterrent locking ring.
  • 9-16 voltage operating range.
  • Jacketed, hardwired leads available either 8" or 36" lengths.
  • Features double receptacle .180 bullet mold.
  • Includes mounting grommet.
  • Item contains little or no individual packaging
  • Part of the Peterson 291C series.

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