Peterson 867SA-2 LumenX® Multi-Function Strobe & Rear Turn Signal, AMBER, Type 2

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  • Features alternating strobes and DOT-compliant rear turn signals.
  • Activating turn signal automatically overrides strobe function.
  • Requires 426-18 grommet, 417-49 3-wire plug, and 880-49 single wire sync plug for installation.

This part is NOT a replacement for the Peterson 4344 and 8344 obsolete series, but a NEW comparable item

Peterson has revised our line of synchronized 4" round and 6½" oval strobing LED lights. These new LumenX® and Piranha® lights feature state-of-the-art diodes, advanced circuitry and improved manufacturing methods. As a result, we can now offer increased output and better value. As part of this switch, we are able to streamline our product line. As a result, many of our earlier LED strobes are being discontinued. The new part will have the same or similar look and the same or improved output. There is no need to upgrade if your existing LED strobes are functional. They have proven reliable and, barring physical damage, should provide many more miles of trouble-free operation. However, should you need to replace a discontinued light with the new part listed, two important caveats must be considered: • New-generation lights will NOT synchronize with older lights. In order to maintain the "sync wire" functionality that is such an important feature of these lights, all interconnected 4258, 4343, 4344, 8344, 420S, 423S, 4353, and 8363 strobes must be upgraded as a complete set. • All new-generation lights are offered exclusively with AMP-compatible receptacles integrated into the rear of the light. We no longer offer versions with hard-wired leads. Therefore, retrofitting these lights into an existing vehicle's wiring harness may require the use of an accessory jumper or pigtail.    

You need a type 1 to act as the “brain” between the two lights

If you connect two -1 lamps, you will get a synchronous strobe pattern, if you use -1 and -2, you will get a alternating pattern

if you leave the black wire unconnected- you will get a random strobe pattern

Just using a -2 lamp without a -1 as the “brain” will not work

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