PM M840L LED Stop and Tail Light With License Light

Sale price$34.16


  • Available Individually with No-Order Minimum.
  • A Master carton of this product includes 24 Pcs.
  • 15-diodes, combination LED stop/turn and tail light with tag/license light.
  • With-out license light version that has 15-diodes total, 9 on the face, 2 side marker and 4 Licence.
  • Solid state construction—no bulbs to break or burn out.
  • 100,000-hour-rated life.
  • Fully sealed, submersible construction.
  • Potted circuity protects against moisture, corrosion, and vibration.
  • Lower amp draw than incandescent lights.
  • Designed to directly replace 440-series incandescent lights.
  • Two Integral, dedicated side marker diodes.
  • Exceeds all DOT rear lighting and reflex requirements for trailers less than 80" wide.
  • Item contains little or no individual packaging
  • Part of the Peterson 840 series.
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