Piranha® LED 153CTP-BT3 White w- .180 Bullets LED Vehicle System Monitoring Light

Peterson ManufacturingSKU: 153CTP-BT3

Sale price$37.38


  • Available individually. NO minimum order required.
  • A master carton of this product includes 50 Pcs. You must order 50 pieces to receive a master carton.
  • 1-diode, three-wire connection for test and indicator functions.
  • Lights only when activated by monitored circuit. Perfect for tire pressure monitoring systems.
  • Power-on self-test function lights lamp for approximately 30 seconds when power is initially applied.
  • 9-16 volt operating range.
  • Leads terminated with .180 bullets.
  • Fits 150-095, 150-097, 150-141, 150-142 and 150-143 brackets.
  • Item contains little or no individual packaging
  • Part of the Peterson 153CTP series.

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