Piranha® LED M153C-P White w- Plug LED Utility & License Light

Sale price$21.32


  • Available Individualy with No-Order Minimum.
  • A Master carton of this product includes 50 Pcs.
  • 1-diode, LED utility and license light.
  • Meets FMVSS 108 and ECE requirements.
  • Also suitable for use as compartment or utility light.
  • 9-32 volt operating range.
  • 153C-P terminated with 2-wire female plug for easy installation.
  • 153C-BT2 and 153C-BT236 terminated with .180 bullets.
  • M153C-MV-PKD terminated with Packard-style hardshell connector.
  • V153KC-MV Viz Pack kit includes light and 150-095 bracket.
  • 153KC-BT236 includes light and 150-14 hooded bracket.
  • 153C-142 kit includes M153C-MV and B150-142 bracket.
  • 153C-143 kit includes M153C-MV and B150-143.
  • Fits 150-095, 150-097, 150-14, 150-141, 150-142 and 150-143 brackets.
  • Item contains little or no individual packaging
  • Part of the Peterson 153C series.
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