Piranha ® LED M418R Red w-Flange 4" Round Stop, Turn, & Tail Light

Sale price$39.80


  • Available Individually with No-Order Minimum.
  • A Master carton of this product includes 50 Pcs.
  • 36-diodes, 4" Round LED light with full-lens design functions as stop, turn, and tail light.
  • 9-16 volt operating range.
  • Reverse voltage protection prevents damage if misinstalled.
  • Hardwired design with either stripped leads or PL3 plug.
  • "Skirted" weld joint provides added protection against road and weather conditions.
  • 418 light is welded to flange to form single unit.
  • Does not require "Top" positioning to meet FMVSS 108 standards.
  • 417R-P and 418R-P come with a built-in 3-wire adapter for easy and quick retrofit applications.
  • Viz Packs include LED light with built-in adapter plug.
  • V417KR kit includes 417R-P light and 426-18 mounting grommet.
  • Item contains little or no individual packaging
  • Part of the Peterson 417 & 418 series.
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