Piranha® LED V170R Red LED Clearance-Side Marker Light w-Reflex (3 Pcs)

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  • An order of 1 contains 3 pieces.
  • Available individually with no minimum order required. Order 3 for the master carton.
  • 2-diode LED light that functions as clearance or side marker light.
  • Operates from 9-16 volts.
  • Features 2-wire, hard-wired design.
  • Ground wire includes #10 ring terminal.
  • LED Alternative to traditional incandescent 114-Series light.
  • Available in amber or red.
  • Two mounting options: use center stud or two mounting screws.
  • Item is packaged in some form of retail friendly transparent packaging usually designed to hang on displays.
  • Part of the Peterson 170 series.
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