PM 154R Red Clearance & Side Marker Light

Sale price$4.00


  • Available individually with No-Order Minimum.
  • A master carton of this product includes 24 pcs.
  • Functions as side marker or clearance light.
  • When mounted at a 45 degree angle, light may be used as combination clearance and side marker.
  • Lens is welded to housing to form single unit.
  • Mounting bracket and electrical connector required.
  • Mounting screw serves as ground when mounted to metallic surface with single lead wire for electrical connection.
  • 154 series has male pins.
  • Features two 15,00-hour long life bulbs.
  • Kits include 154 light and gray mounting bracket with lead wire.
  • Bracket kits include lead wire molded into terminal pad and mounting screws.
  • 2637 kit includes 154 light and black mounting bracket with lead wire molded into terminal pad.
  • See mounting accessories section for additional mounting options.
  • Available in amber or red.
  • Item is in a sealed bar coded and labeled Poly Bag.
  • Perfect for Parts Bins and Jobbers.
  • Part of the Peterson 154 series.

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