PM 426A Amber Round 4" Turn Signal Light

Sale price$8.04


  • Available individually with no minimum order required.
  • A master carton of this product includes 12 pcs.
  • Sealed, 4" round amber light functions as park & turn signal.
  • Interchanges with all competitive models. Polycarbonate lens is welded to housing to form single unit.
  • Requires mounting grommet and plug to complete installation. Kits include light, grommet, and 431-491 straight plug.
  • Both EF and ER are for ECE applications only with single filament.
  • “EF" denotes front turn signal; “ER" denotes rear turn signal; “24V" denotes 24-volt light.
  • High-heat version also available. See 426R stop and tail, and 415 back-up light for companion models.12-volt non- ECE lamps designed with dual-filament, 2.1/.59 amp, 32/3 cp bulb.
  • Item is in a sealed bar coded and labeled Poly Bag.
  • Perfect for Parts Bins and Jobbers.
  • Part of the Peterson 426A series.

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