PM 829C-7 LumenX® 4" Round LED Back-Up Light w-Reflex

Sale price$17.00


  • Clear, 4" Round LED Back-Up Light w/Reflex.
  • 7-diode, 4" round LED back-up light.
  • Optically advanced design fully illuminates lens.
  • Industry-standard PL3 socket integrated into housing.
  • Single light meets FMVSS 108 requirements when properly mounted.
  • Flange with reflector optics integrated into housing, provides auxiliary reflex function.
  • See M829R-7 for stop & tail companion model.
  • 9-16 volt operating range.
  • Regulated design provides voltage protection and consistent light output over entire voltage range.
  • Does not require “Top" positioning to meet FMVSS 108 standard.
  • Includes protective gasket.
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