PM V114A Amber Clearance-Side Marker Light with Reflex (3 Pcs)

Sale price$11.40


  • An order of 1 contains 3 pieces.
  • Stud-mount light functions as side marker or clearance light with built-in reflective optics; eliminates need for separate reflector.
  • Just push stripped power into "Quick Lock" port to connect.
  • May be used as a combination side marker and clearance light for over 80" applications when properly mounted.
  • Single wire for electrical connection; additional wire port available for separate ground wire mount on non-metallic surfaces.
  • Features 15,000-hour long life bulb.
  • Available in amber or red.
  • Item is packaged in some form of retail friendly transparent packaging usually designed to hang on displays.
  • Part of the Peterson 114 series.

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