PM V780 97 DBA Back-Up Alarm (97 DBA) (6 Pcs)

Sale price$258.36


  • Ideal for all types of trucks and rubber-tire equipment in light to medium duty service.
  • Single sound level at 97 decibels. Glass filled nylon housing provides rugged durability and all internal components are encapsulated in epoxy for protection from vibration and moisture.
  • Grounding strap allows unit to be grounded through mounting screw.
  • Extreme temperature operating range (-40 degrees to +185 degrees F).
  • Operates in 12- to 24-volt systems and draws less than .5 amp.
  • Meets SAE J994 type C requirements.
  • Item is packaged in some form of Retail-friendly transparent packaging usualy designed to hang on displays.
  • Part of the Peterson 780 series.

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