TYRI PLP-007-1 D8 BluePoint


Sale price$170.00


The new D8 BluePoint advances the BluePoint technology in both design and efficiency. The combination of excellent performance with an attractive design opens up multiple possibilities to install this compact lamp on many different applications. TYRI developed the BluePoint LED to increase safety and minimize the risk of accidents around machinery. As an industry leading concept, it allows safety to be visual instead of relying solely on sirens or alarms, especially in noisy environments where hearing is difficult. The LED light projects a colored, concentrated light beam as a large visible square on the floor in front or behind the machine. This early warning signal alerts workers there is a machine approaching. Built according to TYRI’s quality standards, the D8 BluePoint has been tested to meet TYRI’s toughest standards in vibration and shock as well as the highest industry standards such as IP69K and salt spray ASTMB117. The certification of EMC EN61000-6-3 determines that the D8 BluePoint does not affect nor interfere with other surrounding electronic products or machines. This makes the TYRI D8 BluePoint one of the most reliable models available.
  • Operating Temp: -40˚ to 75˚C
  • Lens Material: Plastic
  • Housing: Cast Aluminum
  • Mounting Options: 30mm Standing Bracket, M8 Mounting Bolt
  • Connector: Deutsch (DT04-2P) built in
  • Lens Pattern: Blue Spot
Lead time for all TYRI Products is 1-2 weeks
CAUTION: Possibly hazardous optical radiation emitted from this product. Do not stare at operating lamp. May be harmful to the eye.
It is important to remember, LED work lights are no more hazardous than other lighting technologies with the same correlated color temperature (CCT). TYRI is going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our customers by complying with the IEC/SS-EN 62471 standard and the addition of a warning label on the product.

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